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Boarding and ship capturing revamp!
Boarding is one of the most anticipated features in our game and we didn’t take it lightly when designing the new system. A lot was expected from [...]
Create a planet of your own
This tutorial will focus on showing how planets can be modified in Starpoint Gemini Warlords. It will use an existing planet (Data\Models\Planets\Baeldor) [...]
SGW Notepad++ with Warlords
Using Notepad++ with Warlords
A brief overview of the tutorial Importing the custom markup language Using the built-in Function completion feature Final thoughts   Editing of a [...]
SGW Dynamic Databases
Dynamic Databases
I cannot emphasize how important it is to know this part when you’re modding Starpoint Gemini Warlords. No, really… it’s essential. If [...]
SGW Dialogue Editor
Using the Dialogue Editor
The most common way to make choices in the game is through branching dialogues and to create branching dialogues in an easy way, you basically need a [...]
SGW Scripterion
Using the Scripterion
This itty-bitty application can help would-be scripters to find their way around all the script functions used in Warlords scripts. It’s definitely [...]
I’m a leaf on the wind…
Hopefully these dashing rogues won’t meet the same fate ;( Visit our ship collection: LittleGreenMenGames
Enter the Art pipeline… 3/3
Hello and welcome back to the final overview part of the art pipeline. It’s time for our technical artist to wrap up the story Vedran Hafizadic: [...]
Confined in space…
This week we’re showing you where all the enemies of the Solari Concord will eventually end up in 😉 Visit our ship collection: LittleGreenMenGames
Enter the Art pipeline… 2/3
Hello and welcome back to part 2 of this overview of the art pipeline. Today, our 3D artist will show you the ropes regarding the modelling phase Matija [...]