Monthly Archives: June 2016

Enter the Art pipeline… 2/3
Hello and welcome back to part 2 of this overview of the art pipeline. Today, our 3D artist will show you the ropes regarding the modelling phase Matija [...]
Dev tools at your disposal
If you thought there are no cheats in Warlords, you’re mistaken. Just don’t expect IDDQD. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Developer flag Before you [...]
Enter the Art pipeline… 1/3
The most basic way to explain our pipeline is by taking a look at how ships are made. All the way from concept design, through perspective and 3D modeling [...]
And from the ashes….
Another detailed model in all it’s splendor! Visit our ship collection: LittleGreenMenGames
Gemini Scale and Points of Interest
The year is 2197. During its routine exploration of the system’s outer rim, science vessel Nostromo found a newly formed wormhole to a highly unstable [...]