Using the Scripterion

November 2, 2016 - Modding, Scripting, Tutorial
Using the Scripterion

This itty-bitty application can help would-be scripters to find their way around all the script functions used in Warlords scripts. It’s definitely not the only resource that I can suggest, but having it opened while scripting is quite useful.

As any standard app, this one is also divided into several UI parts as you can see in the image below.



A more proper name would be list of functions, objects, variable types…, but let’s keep it simple. Whatever function is available to scripters is in this list. You can list through it or use the search box in the top toolbar, right above the list, to look for something more specific. A part of the function name is all it takes for the list to filter automatically.


…can be found on the right, the upper portion. As the name implies, it describes what a function does and how to use it. Perhaps more importantly, it also shows some warnings on how or where NOT to use a function. If a script that you’ve written is not doing what you wanted it to, and the game log shows no errors, go back to the Scripterion and check the description of the function and see if that provides any clues.


Learning by example is the best way to learn. Every function entry in the Scripterion comes with an actual working example of its usage. You can also simply copy/paste the example into a script and run it in-game to see how it works. Don’t forget to add the End at the end of the script though ;).


We constantly upgrade the script language and add new functions, so please read our regular change-logs that go out with every new update. The Modding portion of the change-log addresses these things. But it’s also a good idea to browse through the function list every so-often just in case we’ve forgotten to make a note of something.

Don’t forget to check out our Using Notepad++ for Warlords scripting tutorial and have fun scripting!

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