How to use the Material Editor

June 12, 2017 - Material Editor, Modding, Models

This is a small introduction to learning how to use the Material Editor from scratch. To create anything in the Material Editor faster and with less problems in the process, we need to know the possibilities an tools at our disposal. The basics of the Material Editor are sorted through 6 panels.

Sorted in the left upper corner panels are, from left to right:


These 6 panels are the main part of the Material Editor and we will do most of our editing in one of the 6 panels. Before we jump into each of the panels, it’s important to mention the buttons/icons next to the 6 panels (to the left). This icons change depending on the selected ┬ápanel, but most of them have some basic functions from which we should mention load and save elements (asb,mdl,par,shp).



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