Material Editor – Beam properties

June 12, 2017 - Material Editor, Modding, Models, Textures

Creating Beams is more or less the same as with particles. After we put in the position of the start and end of the beam, we can switch to the Beam Properties. As I said before, creating beams is similar to particles. You can also adjust the Space type by swapping between Local space (beam follows the whole model) or Global space (Particle will be global in the world). The second part which we will address is tweaking other visuals which are similar to the particles properties. Start and End color functions the same as all color parameters of an RGB model, size only changes the thickness of the beam as the length is determined by the start/end position. Patch list gives you the sprites which are defined for the beams alone. Life time determines the cycle of the whole beam while emission time determines the count of sprites in the chosen life time. For example, if life time is 2.00 and emission time is 0.50, it means that 4 beams will show in the cycle. So when the first is on 0.50 time of the 2.00 lifetime, the next one will show over the existing beam and so on. In other words if you put Life time 2.00 and emission time of 4.00, that means that when a beam disappears, there will be a pause till the next one shows up for 2.00 seconds.


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