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June 12, 2017 - Material Editor, Modding, Models, Tutorial

Ship properties is a panel that is specific for ships alone. Here we can adjust turret batteries and the whole balance of the ship stats. For any Starpoint Gemini lover, most of this is self explanatory. You just have to pick a name for your ship, choose a class and make the strongest ship in Gemini universe. We will only go through two parts of this panel. Weapons list allows us to add and remove turrets. By adding a turret, a new side panel will pop up called Turret Properties where you can adjust the position of the turret. You can also move the turret freely by holding CTRL + right mouse button. Just remember to rotate your turret to the side you want it to fire. Scale of the turret goes from smallest 1 to biggest 3 (0 will hide the turret completely). Choose the ship battery in which you want your turret to be. Depending on which battery you place the turret in the weapons list a keyname will change:

By adjusting horizontal and vertical arcs you will allow the turret to fire at the enemy only while they are in the range of arcs. To better see the path where the turret can fire, you can increase the arc size. You can Hide or Show your turrets by pressing the far right icon on Ship file options called “Show Ship Turret In Assembly Editor”. Here are some default statistics for ships but I encourage you to experiment with other stats.

Second and the final part of editing is to put the mounted camera onto the ship. To do so press CTRL + F9 while in ship properties. Your camera should change depending on the FPC position and FPC vertical parameters. Adjust the camera to way you like and you are ready to fly.


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