Boarding and ship capturing revamp!
Boarding is one of the most anticipated features in our game and we didn’t take it lightly when designing the new system. A lot was expected from [...]
Enter the Art pipeline… 3/3
Hello and welcome back to the final overview part of the art pipeline. It’s time for our technical artist to wrap up the story Vedran Hafizadic: [...]
Enter the Art pipeline… 2/3
Hello and welcome back to part 2 of this overview of the art pipeline. Today, our 3D artist will show you the ropes regarding the modelling phase Matija [...]
Dev tools at your disposal
If you thought there are no cheats in Warlords, you’re mistaken. Just don’t expect IDDQD. It’s a bit more complicated than that. Developer flag Before you [...]
Enter the Art pipeline… 1/3
The most basic way to explain our pipeline is by taking a look at how ships are made. All the way from concept design, through perspective and 3D modeling [...]
The evolution of SAL
Read about how SAL (Script Assembly Language), our own script language came to be and how it evolved and improved with each of our games. DISCLAIMER: If [...]
Warlords storyline mechanics
First let me say that this article will not explain the Warlords main campaign story. We are only exploring the system behind it, the mechanics of how it [...]
Hi from Little Green Men
Greetings visitor, You might be curious what we’re doing here with this website. Well, here’s the short of it… We, Little Green Men Games [...]