Material Editor

Material Editor – Ship properties
Ship properties is a panel that is specific for ships alone. Here we can adjust turret batteries and the whole balance of the ship stats. For any Starpoint [...]
Material Editor – Ambient properties
Ambient allows us to put the surrounding around our elements to see how it will behave depending on the color of the ambient (which we can change in the [...]
Material Editor – Beam properties
Creating Beams is more or less the same as with particles. After we put in the position of the start and end of the beam, we can switch to the Beam [...]
Material Editor – Particle properties
After our model is in place and the assembly is created, we can start placing particles. You can copy already-created particles by loading them in the [...]
Material Editor – Assembly properties
When you open up your Material Editor, the default panel that should be opened is the Assembly Properties panel. Mobility allows you to change between [...]
How to use the Material Editor
This is a small introduction to learning how to use the Material Editor from scratch. To create anything in the Material Editor faster and with less [...]
Importing a new model into the Material Editor
We will start from Assembly Properties panel (far left icon in the Menu bar). For importing a new mesh it is best to start with an empty Assembly Elements [...]
Create a planet of your own
This tutorial will focus on showing how planets can be modified in Starpoint Gemini Warlords. It will use an existing planet (Data\Models\Planets\Baeldor) [...]